Photo:Raija Strömberg

Pictures are fun

When I was in my twenties my boyfriend’s father lent me a camera. A few fumbling efforts later I was caught. Photographing was such fun I decided to turn it into a profession.

Today, I’ve worked as a professional photographer for more than 15 years but photographing is still just as fun. I love the variation of the commissions and the alternation of working in a team or on my own.

In my work, encounters are transformed into pictures. Through the years, my commissions have varied: I started off with portraits and reports but today I work with food, articles on interior decoration, gardening-reports and books. I also get commissioned to work within different areas such as contributing with artistic decor in old people’s homes.

Through the years, I’ve developed my flexibility and skills to co-operate, trained my creativity, broaden my general knowledge and built up a great network of people connected to my business and myself.

Also, the years have given me a family and a home in Nacka outside Stockholm, complete with a garden and a sauna. My Finnish roots crave a wood-burning sauna…

I gain inspiration and energy through reading, in the jogging track, when travelling, through friends, films and when I busy myself with different kinds of crafting – everything from cement casting to knitting. And the camera is usually with me on these occasions too.

  • Photographer Ester Sorri

    c/o Pousette
    Pontonjärgatan 45
    112 37 Stockholm
    Mobil: 0708-64 64 04


    Clients during 2013

    Folio, Willhem AB, Dala Floda Wärdshus, Elle Interiör, Miljöpartiet, Året Runt, Fotograf Stina Gullander, Hus&Hem Trädgård, Hus&Hem, LRF, LRF Mjölk, 2Complete, House of Pictures, Ekerlids förlag, Fönstret, Magasinet, Akademikern, Drawing Room Inredning&Ljus, Linderdahlska stiftelsen, Scanpix, Weranda (Polen), Eva Britt Wennerström, Kvinna till kvinna, My Fazer, Inside, Verbum förlag, Norlin&Partners, Anna Michélsen, Allt om Trädgård, TCO, Artos&Norma Bokförlag, Tandläkartidningen, Hytteliv (Norge), Jupiter reklam, Hem&Antikt, Retro, Drömhem&Trädgård and Allt i Hemmet.

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